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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 19, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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. a search calms to -- comes to a tragic end, the body of a fisherman is found. a man and a friend was thrown into the delta waters. the two were in town for a fishing tournament and near the cruiser haven arena when it happened.
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>> it was a gorgeous day near brentwood, a perfect day to go fishing which is what two men were doing when they crashed. >> they had divers in the water underneath the bridge. this is the boat. the men were in a bass fishing tournament. as the boat approached the bridge it hit a submerged object hard enough to rip out the motor and toss the men in the water. >> one was in the water for about 15, 20 minutes before someone pulled him out. and i think he didn't have a scratch on him. >> the other man's body was found late this arch. that's the survivor talking with sheriff investigators. >> i gave him a hug, he was shaking, and he doesn't, he remembers hearing a thump on the boat, and that's about it. >> the coast guard and sheriff
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officers searched most of the day with assistance from helicopter above. >> i can't tell you that alcohol was not a factor in the subsequent at all -- accident at all. i don't know the cause of the accident. >> today's boat accident happened in the delta, boateres, surfers and beachgoers are told to be careful. more on the highway surf advisory. >> that's right. the weather is nice for tomorrow for easter sunday, you may be tempted to head to the coast. the swell will be increasing. we have i building swell out of the north, northwest, you can see up the 9 feet. up to the north and west, wave heights up to 22 feet. we head into sunday, the buoy
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reports is 5 to 6 feet. the high surf advisory begins sunday morning and lasting to monday morning. the details up in the northwest. waves 10 to 15 feet. enjoy the beach, enjoy the warm weather, just keep in mind the conditions will be extra hazardous kicking up sunday and monday morning. as far as the forecast. we'll look at this, highlight the temperature change you can expect. we're expecting a big change for tomorrow, showers will be making a comeback. you can get the latest on the weather conditions by following mark and the weather team online, they are posting updates to twitter and facebook even when we're not on the air. new information to
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avalanche on mount ever east -- everest. john posted these pictures. quick action by guides helped him and his climbing part more survive. we were pushed down behind large blocks of ice by our sherpas, they are amazing, we are shaken but okay. there's some still up there who were not so lucky. three people are missing in the avalanche from yesterday morning. 13 are dead. searchers are hoping to find the bodies of the missing guides before the weather worse especiallies. despite the danger more than ever are climbing too peak. >> another guide has died as a result of the avalanche in the ice fall, just above the base camp . >> a hanging glacier cut loose and swept down and wiped them
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out. the single deadriest accident on everest with a dozen killed, half a dozen injured more missing. the group was 15 nepaly locals and sherpas, preparing the area for spring climbing. >> 71% of those who leave are not going to come back. that's pretty much off the charts. >> climbers safety has improved. the number of people who reached the summit topped 100 in 1993. that increased to 300 by 2004 and 500 in 2012. >> we've come a long way, but it's just as kang russ -- dangerous. >> the deadliest accident was in 96 when eight climbers disappeared during a storm. john documented that tragedy.
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the week "-- book" into thin air ." two inmates are back into custody tonight. the men walked away from the minimum kurt mule creek prison. a rancher spotted the pair and held them at gun point. both men, one convicted of the car jacking had 35 roll dates of 2016. name them and shame them. that's the new approach to prostitution enforcement who singles out the men who buy sex. tonight, debra rode with officers on the street walking detail. >> people know the zones, there's ohio street, and a long stretch of 23rd avenue, we found activity before the sun
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set. >> i ain't got a dollar to my name. >> a suspected is prostitute outside a low rent hotel. defind to 2 officers who search her. >> i don't carry condoms. >> she's cuffed while they check for warrants. their prime targets are not the women working the streets. >> some you can see that's not really who they are. the police want the pimps who exploit them. >> they think it is their boyfriend and they are in love. >> they are ashamed. >> they are outing the johns. >> men looking for women. these three men a counselor, attorney,s a dad allegedly caught inviting prostitutes into their cars on rich man streets known for the trade. >> they will say i was driving by, i have never done this before, this is not me.
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they are ashamed. >> doubtful claims like the ones from this suspected prostitute. >> no idea what that is. >> her purse is full of pills although she says she is off pills. >> i dependent put it in from. i don't have the slightest idea. >> it your bag. >> it's not mine. >> she goes to jail on outstanding warrants. >> back at the hotel, officers issue a warning from the other woman and get an honest admission. >> i've been dealing with it for many years. >> how many years. too many. >> officer rogers told me in eight years of patrols only two said they liked what they were doing. by going after demand, this department hopes to send a message to men, if they come to this city to buy sex they will see their name on facebook,
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twitter and the evening news. >> richmond police are targeting johns for exposure and sending letters to the owners of the cars that are seen in areas where prostitutes are known to hang out. volunteers in the east bay took their spring cleaning to the outdoors. dozens picked up trash and other debris at middle harbor shoreline park. part of the earth dayaktivity -- day activity. you can help by not littering. >> if you drop anything on the ground or around the bay it will end up down in the way, because nothing stops it. it goes down the storm drains and washes up somewhere. many children took part, after all the clean up chores were done the port gave out snacks and prizes. a call to action after a
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march up market street, a booth offered information on environmental issues and thousands turned out for that event. >> several stores in a sacramento mall shut down to make room for the kings arena. the east side of the downtown plaza the k street mall will be demolished this summer. shoppers took advantage of last minute sales and some reflected. >> during christmas it was lively, big trees and santa claus, i will miss it. >> i'm hoping it will revitalize the downtown area. >> construction will not affect the west end of the mall including macy, movie theaters and restaurant. warriors and fans celebrating the victory over the clippers and a 1-0 lead in
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the best-of-7 series. >> earlier today all eyes on the televisions at go sports bar in oakland for game one. fans are feeling optomistic but concern about the condition of andrew bow gut -- bogut who has a broken rib. >> i think we'll pull it off in seven. go warriors. >> we have a good shot. we had a great coach, great new team. running on all cylinders. >> the warriors won, joe will have game highlights and reaction from the players about the game rater in sports rap. a police pursuit ends in a crash with an injured officer. the crime that led them to the chase. renewed hope for the family of a man that vanished a year
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. a police officer is recovering after a pursuit ended wade crash. the -- with a crash. >> it's unusual. >> san francisco police sergeant called a morning car chase brazen as he investigates
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a wreck. >> possibly made a u-turn and attempted to ram the police vehicle. >> the pursuit started in the richmond district when two men robbed a woman at 34th and balboa. the police found a bullet casing and the drivers drove away in a gold car. they caught up with them, the two vehicles collided with the suspect possibly trying to ram the officer. then the chase headed toward the park. the chase came to a halt in the sunset district along lincoln way when the driver hit the patrol car. the officer inside was taken to the hospital for nonlife- threatening injury. >> they too are expected to rougher. both men are in custody police are searching for the gun used
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in the robbery. to get away vehicle may be stolen. in san francisco. ktvu. in san jose a highway patrol officer is recovering after a hit and run accident. the officer was writing a ticket on highway 101. a driver sideswiped the patrol car. hit the officer and sent him airborne. government documents show that general motors waited years to recall saturn ions for power steering failures. despite thousands of complaints gm did not recall the ion until last month. critics are blasting the national highway traffic investigation for a lengthy investigation without a recall. san francisco safety on two
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wheels was the focus at marina middle school. children and adults pedals through an obstacle course. bike safety is a huge issue as more people take up cycling through city streets. >> we've seanez huge uptick in bikers almost doubling of ridership. >> this is part of a kickoff to bike the school week in san francisco. boston laced up the running shoes in preparation of bostons marathon, holding three shorter races. a horn signaled the start of a 5 k race with 10 how to runners, survivors of last years bombings said they were running for their city and described their healing process. >> we have been spending the year since making happy memories after happy memory,
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layering the wall peeper so you don't remember it. >> ethiopia runner set a new record. we'll be in boston bringing you live coverage starting tomorrow of the boston marathon starting monday. you can join us starting tomorrow and throughout the day on race day monday. new developments tonight in the case of a san diego man who went missing in san francisco last year. there's been a potential sighting. kristina talked with the man's family about the renewed hope. >> despite the hustle and bustle of san francisco's streets it been 14 months of silence for the family of christian hughes until now. a credible tip came in two days
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ago. she's been searching the streets for him. >> there's not a day that i adopt think about him. it's good. i'm hoping that something happens. i'm hoping we find him. >> a woman reported seeing a man resembling christian wearing pajamas and black shoes in the haight area. >> i. >> you him has a baby. >> any kind of news is good news. >> volunteers are passing out two flyers, one with pictures of christian the other with the faces of four other men who went missing over the past four years,. >> we moist as well look for everyone. >> christian went missing in february 2013 while visiting a friend in the bay view area. >> you're going to hope and pray he's alive, for my family,
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of course he's alive, he's not dead, he's not been home, he's alive, he's out there. chelsea wants him to know they will never give up. >> we love you, we're not going to stop searching for you. >> if you think you have seen christian contact his family through the help find christian facebook page. a slow motion disaster in the resort town of jackson, wyoming. a landslide is threatening to do damage. for the past two weeks the slide has been moving an inch a day, it has speeded up in the last few days, it's destroyed a walgreens and broken sewer lines. >> to ensure we don't have risk to the public we plugged the sewer. it will back up. if it backs up to far it will come up in people's houses.
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>> the cause of the slide could be the wet winter or previous construction site. crews are building a wall they hope will slow the progress. pope francis led thousands in the easter vigil at st. peters basilica. the open teared with a single -- entered with a single candle he shared with others. the pope urged all catholics to remember when they first found their faith. a sandwich's shop ad is grabbing attention. seattle lunchbox laboratory is offering a two for one for the burger of the gods. easter is april 20th and 420 is a counter culture reference the restaurant is combining the two
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with an ad with jesus holding a sandwich and a joint. >> jesus enjoying a sandwich and a blunt. >> the restaurant owner is not out to offend anyone he wants to sell hamburgers. in denver the cannibus cup. legalization of p.m. has created new -- marijuana has new opportunities. in san francisco there's extra police for the unofficial 4-20 festival. in past years crowds have caused traffic problems and property damage and tons of litter. this year the event coincides with easter sunday and they don't want things to get out of
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hand. michelle obama is expected to speak at a high school graduation. new departments in the ferry crash. why the ship's captain said he told passengers to stay on the ship. the dangerous twist, look at that news conference. . >> and in weather fog moving into the [doorbell rings]
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. >> new developments in south korea. rescuers have discovered more body, this brings the death toll the 49. the ferry captain said he did not give an abandon ship order
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because of the cold water, swift current and there were no rescue boats. he said he was not on the bridge when the ship started to sink. the underwater search for flight 370 could wrap-up next week. it's unclear what the next step would be. a u.s. navy robotic submarine is searching the area in the ocean near where an underwater signal was picked up. after six missions it has not come up with any evidence of the plane. a 7th mission began today. a ceremony in oklahoma city recalled an act of terrorism on u.s. soil. 19 years ago today the bombing at the murrah federal building
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killed people. the governor said the attack could have crippled the state but people worked together to overcome the tragedy. a graduation speech by michelle obama causing controversy. michelle obama especially couraged howard university, he's been -- shows been invited to speak in topeka kansas. some families are objecting because her presence means fewer available seats and more politics on their children's graduation day. a news conference on rail safety made it point when a train came barreling through. safety as you know is paramount. that was close. >> that's connecticut senator
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richard bloomenthal who was on the warping strip -- warning strip. it was to address safety conditions so far the senator has not commenting. >> that's too close. protesting over a park. >> are you ready? yeah. >> we're there as protesters get loud outside the oakland zoo. we ask officials about claims that zoo is ignoring wildlife in its own happened at the company picnic.
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. a car that slammed into a bus shelter left a woman
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hospitalized. she was in her wheelchair when she was struck. the driver went to the hospital with major injuries, the cause is under investigation. the fight over the planned expansion of the oakland zoo heated up. those opposed says the zoo is neglecting plants and wildlife in its own backyard. inside the zoo crowds took in the roaming bears and flamingos and earth day. outside a protest of the plans to expand. the demonstrators led by country joe mcdonald are ready to continue to fight the save noland park. >> the zoo has plans for 55- acres of the park, including a gondola ride and visitors center. the hills would be home to a
11:31 pm
exhibit celebrating california species that have lost their habitat. >> the zoo is building a exhibit about californian malls pushed out of the bay area and proposing to do it business developing a wild area. >> zoo officials have bed for the protection of native species in the area. we did it in 2011, an a handful of individuals decided to file a lawsuit against us in 2011, eventually we won that, and now we're moving forward. >> but they have not won the support of this group that insists the plans are not green enough. it would be tress youred other places don't give it away for development. they expect to break ground this fall and hope to open the facilities in a couple years.
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civil right officials are investigating berkeley's hamming -- handling of assault claims. several students spoke saying the university failed to punish the accused. cal says it will cooperate with the federal investigation. pg&e says a phone call could prevent natural gas leaks. today pg&e held a safety event. the utility is reminding contractors and homeowners to call 811 before they dig. last year there were 2000 cases where gas or elect lines were damaged by digging. home owners shut call two days ahead of time no matter how small the project. beneath that group is a gas
11:33 pm
line. when you call 811 you won't hit that facility and you will be safe. >> 811 is a free call and homeowners do not have to provide proof of building permit. a youngster in michigan made a find that could change his life. a mastodon tooth, 8-inch longs and six peaks. it could be 10,000 years old. he is now inspired to be a paleontologist. >> it was a long wait for a sale out when nike speakers -- sneaker went on sale. some had been in line since wednesday. the shoes inspired kanye west was the most wanted. there are new air jordans out. some were waiting to make a profit, others were buying for themselves. >> i'm a shoe head, i collect
11:34 pm
anything that's rare. i'm wearing mine, i'm not selling them or giving them up. >> the nike air foam positive pro premiums retail for $250. on line they can sell for $400 or up. hundreds mobbed the record store in san francisco. the day long celebration of indy record sells began. special sells. limited releases. it regularly stocks up to 100,000 compact discs, aaudeo disks and vinyl records. a sinkhole threatening to swallow up two homes. why the people in the homes didn't
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the easter bonnets out for the lakeshore easter hat parade. the 27th year for the event giving youngsters a chance to decorate their own hats. what's it like when the kids are trying to find the eggs. let's get the answer. >> we have the timing just right. temperature will be warmer than today. nice to be outside. tomorrow we're talking about 70s and a few neighborhoods in the lower 80s. you will notice a jump in temperature. right now on live storm tracker two. no storms but patchy fog. they are regrouping offshore
11:38 pm
and pushing back into the bay. a closer inspection of some of the fog. across the buy out toward oakland. time lapse shows from the evening during the 7:00 hour, the fog bank, to the bay bridge. the fog will be a factor first thing tomorrow morning. right now we have partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperature, we have temperature to show you right now, santa rosa 53, livermore 56, san jose reporting partly cloudy skies and temperature in the upper 50s. here's the easter forecast for 7:00. patchy fog, mid-40's to lower 50s. 65 to 80 degrees and sunrise tomorrow at 6:28. tomorrow will be warmer than
11:39 pm
today. that's after the cool start tomorrow morning. we're showing lots of 40s and lower 50s. mountain view and san jose, the fog around the coast and the bias well. partly cloudy skis -- skies. high pressure returns, patchy fog tomorrow morning. a warmer forecast, the numbers coming up. 5 to 10 degrees, here's the next change developing north. this moving up monday, increasing clouds, tuesday easily the coolest day of the week and the chance of a few scattered light showers, the latest backing off. there's a chance by monday night lasting to tuesday morning. patchy fog starting off the day. clouds march in by monday. monday night activity moving in parts of the region, 7:00 monday night. looks like we're tracking a stronger system that could move in later in the week.
11:40 pm
still a ways off. we'll watch out for that. temperature tomorrow, santa rosa 89. oakland will go 73, lower 80s toward livermore. san jose 79, san francisco fog in the morning clearing out in the afternoon, we'll go with 69 degrees. look ahead the five-day forcast, tomorrow the warmest day of the week, look at the temperature drop for monday and tuesday. tuesday 60 degrees, a chance of a few scattered light showers, possibly another system for friday, watch out for that. tomorrow a great day to be outside. 10s of thousands of people were expected in japan town the stake part in the dhery blossom -- cherry blossom festival. the sounds of of a sizzling grill as people visited the
11:41 pm
food boot and of course there were cherry blossoms to appreciate today. the festival continues tomorrow with a grand parade set for tomorrow morning. a 50-foot deep sinkhole threatening two homes in florida. the people who live in the houses on either side of the sinkhole were out of town. a local newspaper reports crews dumped 15-truckloads of concrete but it didn't put a dent in it. if it spreads more people could be asked to leave. >> it's falling apart there. a thrilling finish as the a's try to take 2 in a row from
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. good evening, welcome to sports rap. with bogut out, they found ways to win. mark jackson's team in the playoffs in consecutive years for the first time since 92. it didn't start off well. clippers off to a 12-1 start. warriors looking for a field goal five minutes in. the warriors went on a run of their own. 16-5 run. curry had 14 points. 1st quarter winding down. crawford beats the buzzer. los angeles by five after a quarter. the warriors took their first
11:45 pm
lead midway through the second. thompson hit and tied at 52 at the half. warriors found trailers in the key in the 3rd quarter. barnes finds lee. now early in the fourth. thompson finds o'neal. chipped in with 13 on six of nine shooting. the clippers answered when chris paul hit the 3-pointer, 102-all. the warriors trialed by one. barnes answers. golden state with 1:00 practice to play -- 1:22 to play. griffin looks at the sixth foul that put him out of the game. it was a free throw battle down the stretch. the warriors in front by good and win by four. game two is monday night again in los angeles before it heads
11:46 pm
north. a different formula in this win and may have to be this way all series. >> we feel we have noting to loose. we feel like it two good basketball teams. we're shorthanded our goal was to come out aggressive and to come out and hit first. that didn't mean get down 10-1. that's the way it worked out. we feel we have enough players to win this series and we tried to be aggressive and maybe being shorthanded focused in on that more. >> we know what we're capable of doing. you look at to make up of the basketball team, individually and collectively, top to bottom we have a bunch of guys that the survey says we're not suppose to be here, i'm not supposed to coach, have no experience, steph curry is supposed to be retired because of his ankle.
11:47 pm
david lee is a looser, that's the make up of the basketball team. i can continue, it's a bunch of guys that compete and fight. a high profile first round series. oklahoma city hosting memphis. durant had 33, that's what okc does. the grizzlies make a game of it. gasol throws up an air ball. grizzlies within two. the thunder extended. ibaka rejects this shot by miller. allows durant the fly in for two more. oklahoma city the only home team to win in the first day of the playoffs. game two is monday night. >> larry bird knows indiana basketball and knows the pacers are supposed to handle atlanta. don't say that to the hawks. teague runs the floor. korver finishes. tied at 50. teague was a reason the hawks
11:48 pm
pulled this off to open the series, floats in for two of his playoff career highs 21 points. atlanta lands the first blow. 101-93. game two is tuesday and in the east the veteran nets rallied in toronto to take a 1-0 lead in that series. the astros joined the west last season and the a's have been grateful. oakland continued the domination of the astros again. donaldson bobblehead day. the astros picked up a run but the a's got evening. the wall falls down the left- field line. barton scores, gentry goes to second. the astros take the lead to the ninth. chad qualls tries to nail it. a's within a run.
11:49 pm
1 out, two on. callaspo singles up the middle. cespedes moves to third. then he scored when reddick hit one in the gap that was not word chasing. the a's get 3 to make a winner out of dan otero. dan usually delivers the shaving cream, so he knew it was coming. the a's are a game and a half ahead of texas. reddick felt the steam owed something to the starting pitcher. >> you kind of get down on yourself at time. we didn't do that. we battled our butts off. hopefully it's a boost going into tomorrow. cash pitched a great game. when a guy gives you an outing like that you feel you should give him a win. >> it great to be able to go deep in the games and still
11:50 pm
avenue quality pitch -- have quality pitches. it's huge. to get quick outs going from the 5th inning on. to recuse the pitch count every inning was important. two teams to contend the al east squaring off in a game that wasn't close. the rays exploded against the yankees. longoria goes deep against nova. the rays third homer of the game. here's the fifth homer of the day for tampa. 3-run shot. 2 homers for meyers as the rays knockout 16 hits. they rob the yankees 16-1. >> giants wond what to do to win. the giant hitters couldn't score more than a single run. the padres made plays on defense. hunter pence was a frustrated 0-
11:51 pm
4. not getting started. amarista takes a hit away. eric stoltz allowed 1 run in 6 innings. alonso with a two-out single to score smith. the padres 1-0. the giants answered back in the 5th. moore takes the pitch high and deep, that's homer number 3 on the year for morris, for the second game in a row a solo homerun was all the offense the giants could produce. padres got that back in their half of the fifth. cabrerra gets a triple. 2-1, san diego got one more in the 8thoff the bullpen. another 1 run performance by the giants. they will try to find offense and wrap it up in san diego tomorrow. best record in baseball belong those the brewers,
11:52 pm
brewers trailing by a run in the 9th. braun gets into a jason grilli pitch with a runner on. gives the brewers an 8-7 run. they are 13-5 after 18 games. still to up to saturday night sports wrap. the earthquake in search of their first win of the really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175.
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for $175 dollars a month? so our business can be on at&t's network yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues& great terms& let's close. our best ever value plans for business just got even better. now with free broadband for a whole year. . >> not much to show in the form of highlights when it comes to the san jose earthquake they battled the colorado rapids to a tie. they are in dead last place.
11:56 pm
the sharks resume their series with the kings tomorrow. game time 7:00 with san jose leading 1-0. the blackhawks are getting taken to the mat by st. louis. davis backus never saw what happened. he was taken out by seabrook. seabrook was ejected. blackhawks led late. st. louis with a two-man advantage. evened at 3 to overtime they go. batch the blues, it's the second straight 4-3 over time victory for the blues who lead the series 2-0. look, you can see how jackman threads the needle for the game winner. game 3 the monday in chicago. >> colorado up 2-0 over minnesota. the blue jackets got their first playoff win in franchise
11:57 pm
history. it's not the same the week after the golf tour played a major tournament. heavy rains making a dramatic backdrop for the heritage event. thompson is one of four tied for third place. putting from just off the green on the 8th hole. that goes for birdie, thompson on a round of 68. charles schwartzel said let me give it a shot. he shot a 68 and shares third place. luke donald birdie at 14. shoots 66. he leads by two and that group of four by three strokes. that will do it for saturday night edition of sports wrap, we'll see you tomorrow at 5:00. >> thank you for choosing ktcu channel 2 news. we're always here for you at
11:58 pm it will be a nice day for easter, enjoy your easter sunday. have a
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i gotta tell ya, ray, this is the worst bachelor party i've ever been to. i'm enjoying it. yeah, come on... this is his last chance for fun before he moves out


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